Outdoor Furniture Styles & Designers

With a new year comes new flavors and styles for contemporary furniture. For street furniture suppliers and designers like santa & cole, staying fresh is all about coming up with new ideas and building upon the traditions of our past. Check out what will be the new look for the coming year.    

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Outdoor Chairs and Benches   

This year the focus for outdoor seating will be on the minimalistic. Bulky benches and chairs will be a thing of the past as individuals and municipalities focus on ways to be environmentally friendly and cost effective; all without sacrificing on style and comfort.

Harpo aluminio in the North American Collection for example uses light colors, light weigh materials, and virtually no functional maintenance to achieve a clean and unobtrusive look. Designer Gonzalo Mila, creator of the collection, has made a career out of focusing on industrial design in urban elements. 

Outdoor Beautification

As the world becomes more hyper-aware of the impact we are having on the environment, we are starting to see that cultural shift bleed over into architectural design. Planers and other urban/organic elements are becoming more and more popular. These fixtures are a way for cities and rural areas to coexist in harmony with one another.

That is exactly the representation we see in the Tram collection by Jaume Artigues. This Catalan architect has developed a phenomenal career designing public spaces. His projects bring life to urban elements and do so with a knack for blending in and becoming a part of their surroundings. 

Bancal Tables

The public loves when there are areas for congregation like outdoor eating or leisure. Tables provide that added comfort and functionality to achieve those cherished times with friends and family. 

Bancal tables are made with materials meant to last like corrosion-treated steel and solid tropical woods. They blend aesthetically with their surroundings and are built to last a lifetime. All wood is also harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Designer Julia Espinas is behind Bancal tables and trained as an interior decorator and graphic designer. Now he carries out his passion in the field of architecture and urban design crafting functional street and outdoor furniture for public spaces. 


2018 will be the year of cohesiveness, balance, and environmental conservatism. Leading edge designers are crafting well-built outdoor furniture that individuals or local governments can depend on for years to come. Sleek design and lightweight materials ensure that practical use of open urban spaces will be maximized.