Add Character to Your Room with the Mystical Kokopelli Lamp or Kokopelli Planter

As a collector of functional works of art, you'll love this Mystical Kokopelli Lamp or Kokopelli Planter. Created from iron with a handheld plasma cutter, artist Rick Phillips says he fashions his pieces from "electricity and air." Of course this heightens the mystique surrounding Kokopelli. Best of all, each Kokopelli Lamp or Planter is custom crafted especially for you.

Mystical Kokopelli Lamp is available with a round or irregular (cloud-shaped) base and comes in three finishes: flat black, gloss black or rust with a clear coat. The lamp measures eighteen inches from base to the top of the fixture, the round base is approximately one ft in diameter and the Kokopelli figure is fourteen inches high. Lampshade is not included.

Pictured below is the Kokopelli Planter: Kokopelli Planter

Kokopelli Planter$ 90
Kokopelli Lamp$170

Rather than buy one of those manufactured Kokopelli lamps offered in the catalogs, purchase this extraordinary work of art and invite the spirit of Kokopelli into your life.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

Add Character to Your Room with the Mystical Iron Kokopelli Lamp or Planter rp1001pad$90.00padType:  Finish:  Base For Kokopelli Lamp Only: 
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