Make Your Site Sell!: Your Key to Internet Success

by Laura Ramirez

According to the latest issue of Business 2.0, the primary way that people find your web site is through the search engines. In fact, search engine listings account for almost fifty percent of web site traffic.

Despite this fact, attracting hordes of traffic to your site will not necessarily assure online success. While getting hundreds of thousands of hits per day might be desirable, your ultimate goal should be to drive targeted traffic to your web site.

As the owner of an ecommerce site, Kokopelli’s Treasures, I know a thing or two about targeted traffic. Kokopelli's Treasures is not a general interest web site. It's not a Yahoo! or a sex site. It's a specialty store, featuring everything Southwest: from art to patio furniture to lighting fixtures and spicy food. Since my business has a specific niche, I cannot expect to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

Although Kokopelli's Treasures gets its share of page views, I'm more concerned with attracting targeted customers than with sheer numbers. After all, it's the qualified buyers who take out their credit cards, while the tire kickers click aimlessly through cyberspace.

How do you attract targeted customers to your web site? One method is with keyword focused content pages (KFCPs). Before you can write such pages, you need to determine the keywords that are relevant to your site.

The best way to do this is to think about your customer. Develop a profile of him and think about what words or phrases he would use to find the products or services offered on your site. For example, one of the most popular items on my web site are the lighting fixtures. To find this product, a customer might search for "Southwest Wall Sconces," "Southwestern lighting," "Southwest style lighting fixtures," etc.

As you can see, this process can be quite involved, particularly if, like me, you sell a wide variety of items with a common theme.

Brainstorming great keywords is not enough to place high on the search engines. You also have to create web pages with compelling content that feature your keywords and keyword phrases. Such pages are called Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCPs) and will cause the search engines to rate your site higher because of the density of keywords on that page.

Including keyword phrases in your title, heading, alt and meta tags will also help increase your ranking.

Obviously, this subject is beyond the scope of this article. But there are many good resources about keywords and search engine placement available on the web. One book, Make Your Site Sell!, has fast become the bible of web site design, promotion, and selling on the internet. It has an entire section devoted to creating Keyword Focused Content Pages that will increase your ranking on the search engines.

Make Your Site Sell! was written by Dr. Ken Evoy, who turned his web site, PennyGold -- a site that sold junior mining stocks software -- into a profitable venture. Not only did Ken target a small group of investors (talk about a niche!), he managed to achieve 50,000 page views per day and sell all the licenses to his software. If Ken can make a killing selling to such a narrow market, you can create a successful ebusiness too.

If your site isn’t generating qualified traffic and making sales, turn to an expert – a person who is succeeding at what you want to do. Ken Evoy is such an expert.

Make Your Site Sell! is available only on the Internet and costs less than twenty dollars. This 800 page information-packed resource is available as a download (which means you get to start your lessons right away) or in hard copy form. I have both versions. Even though Kokopelli’s Treasures just celebrated its one year anniversary, I still consult this book. For a free download of the table of contents and first two chapters, go to:

Make Your Site Sell!

One of the keys to succeeding on the Internet is to place as high as possible on the search engines. With the growing number of web sites out there, first page placement is a must. As you design and add pages to your web site, remember that in the digital world, top search engine placement is what separates the men from the boys and the dotcoms from the dotbombs.

Laura Ramirez is the owner of Kokopelli's Treasures, an online specialty store, featuring Native American art, Southwest furniture, décor, gourmet food and novelty gifts. She is also the author/publisher of Family MATTERS!, a free ezine on conscientious parenting and Write What You Know, a free ezine that covers how to write and self-publish your ebook on the web.

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