Southwest Designs - Design Ideas
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Southwest designs evoke images of the American desert and nature, along with earth hues that are genuine, calming and oh so beautiful. This design draws inspiration and appeal from the colors and textures that define the southwestern states such as New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Southwest design is based on the decorating style of the Native Americans with the Spanish influence that was brought about when the two cultures collided during conquest. The geometric designs from the Native American culture figures greatly in these designs.

If you wish to bring the southwest into your home to give it a simpler, natural and more colorful look, then you will be pleased with the end result. These designs can enliven a home and make it as heartwarming for your family as it is for the visitors who drop by.

The walls are an excellent starting point for a home. You need to first choose the right texture: think heavily textured walls as this defines a true rustic, southwest look. It is smart to use stucco plaster and then add a little builderĺs sand to the paint. Another option is to make use of a special effects paint such as suede effect paint or do a colorwash by way of faux paint. Metal wall art is a beautiful way to adorn the walls inside or outside your home.

Architectural details add the necessary element to all designs of a southwestern nature. This means adding such features as ceiling beams that are big and rustic, terracotta tiles and plaster archways. Plain pine is a southwest look that if you have it already should not be altered whatsoever.

Next comes the fun part: the time to add color to your southwest design. Use the desert as your focal point and as your greatest source for inspiration. All of the colors you choose should be southwest oriented in every way. These include a selection of shades in brown (everything from sand to deep browns), rust, terracotta and ochre (yellow).

Accent colors that offset the neutral earthiness of the traditional southwest colors can take your southwest design from amazing to festive and increase the wow-factor! Those who appreciate a burst of color will want to throw in a splash of a bright color, like red, green or turquoise. Some of the most popular southwest colors include a variety of shades of red, green, and blue. For the very feminine there are also attractive shades of pink and purple that can really spruce up any room in your home. One great way to add a splash of color is with a mission style lamp or by using painted southwest switchplates throughout your home.

When it comes to flooring, southwest designs dictate that hard flooring is preferable to carpeting. One of the best choices is clay tiles, ceramic tiles or terracotta tiles. A wooden floor would also work well with a southwest motif.

To soften up the flooring, throw down a rug that is harmonious with the southwest theme. Hand woven rugs are excellent choices as they exemplify southwest designs. For a look of authenticity choose rugs in bright colors that have geometric patterns. When choosing rugs look for the kind that are handwoven by the Navajo or Zuni Indians and have geometric designs that repeat the beautifully elegant, yet simple lines of the southwest.

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